Our Program



LELC understands how important it is for kids to feel comfortable and at home.  No matter the age of your child, we have a classroom designed specifically for their life stage.  From newborn to 12 years old, our programs are planned to promote the healthy development of every child. 



LELC believe children learn through play as well as education, and it is our responsibility to provide them a safe environment in which they can explore and create.  Your child will gain new experiences that stimulate their learning in fun hands-on ways. 



LELC strives to support, strengthen and connect families. Family is considered the first teacher and deserves the utmost respect and consideration.  We will achieve this through means of communication and involvement.

Tuition & Fees


Tuition is determined by age of child and schedule needed for care.  Click here to view a listing of our various options.

Healthy Living


We realize how important it is to start learning positive and healthy habits at an early age.  At LELC, we are always looking for ways to keep kids active and to promote a clean and healthly lifestyle.   We also know how learning through physical activity and interaction with other children is vitally important for each child's development. 

Health & Safety


Although illness and injuries are part of childhood, LELC staff make every attempt to ensure the health and safety of every child in our care.  In accordance with regulations, LELC staff will complete regular inspections.  All staff are First Aid and CPR certified.